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Links to Useful Websites and Resources

Discover Valuable Websites for Smooth Relocation in London

When it comes to moving home or office in London, there are several websites and resources that can be helpful in facilitating a smooth relocation. These websites and resources cover various aspects of moving, including property search, utilities, transportation, services, and general information. They should assist you in navigating your relocation process in London more effectively. Remember to also consult local council websites for your specific borough in London, as they often provide valuable information on council tax, parking permits, and other important aspects of living or operating a business in the area.

All Removals London - Links to Useful Websites and Resources

List of important websites to consider

  • Rightmove ( - A popular website for property rentals and sales in the UK, allowing you to search for available properties in London.
  • Zoopla ( - Another widely used platform for property searches, offering a variety of rental and sales listings in London.
  • Spareroom ( - If you're looking for a flatshare or room to rent, Spareroom is a valuable resource that connects you with potential flatmates and available rooms.
  • Gumtree ( - A classified advertisements website where you can find listings for property rentals, furniture, appliances, and other items you may need for your new home or office.
  • ( - The official website of the Mayor of London, providing information on local government services, transportation, and other essential resources for living and working in London.
  • Transport for London ( - The official website for London's public transportation system, offering journey planners, maps, and service updates for the London Underground, buses, trams, and other modes of transport.
  • Citizens Advice ( - A useful resource for general advice on various topics, including housing, tenancy rights, and moving-related queries.
  • Experian ( - A credit reference agency that can help you understand your credit score and history, which is often a requirement when renting a property or setting up utilities in London.
  • Energy Saving Trust ( - An organization offering advice and guidance on energy efficiency, providing tips on how to save energy and reduce utility bills in your new home or office.
  • London Recycling ( - A comprehensive guide to waste disposal and recycling services in London, helping you find the nearest recycling centers and understand the city's recycling policies.
  • UK Power Networks ( - The website of the electricity distribution network operator for London. It provides information on power cuts, connections, and other electricity-related services.
  • Thames Water ( - The official website of Thames Water, the utility company responsible for supplying water and wastewater services in London. You can find information on setting up a new water account and managing water services.
  • Royal Mail ( - The website of the UK's national postal service, where you can change your address, set up mail redirection, and access other postal services to ensure a smooth transition during your move.
  • National Rail ( - If you need to travel outside of London or commute via train, the National Rail website provides information on train schedules, ticket prices, and service updates for all train operators in the UK.
  • London Fire Brigade ( - The official website of the London Fire Brigade, offering important fire safety advice, regulations, and resources for both residential and commercial properties.
  • OpenRent ( - An online letting agent platform that connects landlords directly with tenants. You can find a wide range of rental properties available in London, bypassing traditional estate agents.
  • Met Office ( - The UK's national weather service, providing weather forecasts, severe weather warnings, and climate-related information that can be helpful when planning your move and preparing for weather conditions.
  • NHS ( - The official website of the UK's National Health Service. It offers information on local healthcare services, finding doctors and dentists in your new area, and registering with a new GP.
  • British Council ( - If you're moving to London from abroad, the British Council can provide resources and support for international students, language learning, and cultural integration in the UK.
  • ( - The UK government's official website, offering a wide range of information and services, including guidance on tax, benefits, driving licenses, and other essential aspects of relocating to or within London.