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Directory of third party websites and businesses related to removals along with their telephone numbers, addresses, e-mails and links.

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Removals Directory London has been created in order to help you organize your move. You will find some of the most useful telephone numbers, addresses, e-mails and links to third party resources for more advice or information on moving related topics.

Removals Directory London - Storages London

Storages in London

Looking for a self storage facilities in London? View the listing of recommended self storage facilities,units and companies across London and the UK. Click here to see more details.

Removals Directory London - Parking Permits London

Parking Permits in London

Links to information from your local council in London on how to suspend a parking bay for a removal van for a house or office move.

Removals Directory London - Useful Websites London

Useful Websites London

Frequently updated list of most essential, very useful and helpful websites and apps related to moving. Check them out before you move.

Removals Directory London - London Councils

London Councils

Complete listing of all London councils, along with their contact details. Find out more about local government services in your area.

Removals Directory London - Charity Shops London

Charity Shops in London

List of charity shops in London that will be more than happy to take over your unwanted belongings. Find a charity shop in your area.

Removals Directory London - Recycling Centers London

Recycling Centers in London

Find your nearest household re-use and recycling centre in London. Find out all about waste and recycling from your home or business.

Removals Directory London - Who to inform about move?

Who to inform about move?

Comprehensive list of who to notify when you change address: organizations, businesses and services along with their contact details.

Removals Directory London - London Universities

London Universities

Here you will find contact details of major universities in London. Contact them to get advice on finding student accommodation in London.