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Moving Office - Harder Than It Needs to Be

Moving office is a long and hard task and may disrupt your working process. It is even harder if you try it without professional help


Moving Office - Harder Than It Needs to Be Moving office is a long and hard task and may disrupt your working process. It is even harder if you try it without professional help, which is not always a good idea after all, removal companies are professionals for a reason. But how to pick one of the myriad of removal services out there?

Being pedantic about some things is never a bad thing. Pick a company and do some research. Ask for licenses and insurance. Check the legal papers. Ask around about the company; look for feedback about their credibility and reliability. Ask a friend who successfully moved office recently and inquire about the removal service he or she used. The more information you have, the easier the choice will be.

After finding the right people, time to take out a sheet of paper and start a checklist. Put down everything that needs to be moved. You might want to survey the new office and see if everything will have an immediate place there, there might be a need for storage services as well. If the latter proves true, you might want to have two lists – one for the office equipment that needs to be moved to the new office, and one for the storage. Checklists are important especially if you use movers, since if anything goes missing, most companies refuse to accept liability unless the missing item is stated to be in their care in the process of moving.

Work with the reliable and expert removal service. The checklist is something you should both be using. You need to be sure that everything you need will be loaded in the van. You can work with the arrangement of the boxes, especially paying great attention to the boxes with IT equipment and office hardware. That is a delicate job and takes special care. Keep track of everything they load and do not hesitate to give the workers some orders about how to handle a more delicate piece of equipment.

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You should have a set date for the moving process in mind. Simply calling a company and telling them to send vans when available will do you no good. You should always have an idea when the moving will commence so that you can organise the office staff’s work. Moving will mean disruption and sometimes it will be a disruption that you cannot afford. Planning takes time, and the actual process can be even longer if not planned correctly. Most removal companies have moving managers who are there for this exact job, planning everything out. You could entrust them with the task of overlooking your office removal, or guide and help them for a swifter result.

Despite the fact the movers have their own men and procedures, this does not mean that the office workers cannot help them in any way. Even taking out the office equipment and hardware can hasten the process of moving, so do not hesitate to urge your colleagues to help.

One thing you should keep in mind when choosing a moving company is whether they offer you the option of de- and re-installing the hardware in your offices. You should definitely make use of such an option. The more help you can get will further hasten the moving, and you will be able to get back to work sooner than doing it all on yourself. Don’t think expensive, think practical.

Writen by Ella Andrews for All Removals London