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Labeling the removal boxes advises

Labeling the removal boxes is one of the most important things to do when you plan a relocation


Labeling the removal boxes advises
Labeling the removal boxes is one of the most important things to do when you plan a relocation, especially when it comes to a bigger relocation to a new place further away from your old home, as well as relocation with numerous, big and heavy removal boxes.

Labeling will ensure an easy and a better orientation among the piles of boxes and items, which one is the perfect way for quick removal activities like loading and unloading the moving van, and two, it's the perfect way for your helpers to know what's inside each box. Because of that, a great idea is to use small and easy to understand notes or labels, as well as ones that include as much as possible information about the content of a box. Take a look:

The different notes for every different box will help you to avoid any chance of confusing different size boxes with yet the same labels. Buy different types of sticky notes or wide packaging tape where you can write directly onto it. Use any kind of paper for labeling and another great idea is to use different colored labels. What better way to orientate quickly, than searching for boxes with different label colors instead of losing time for reading the labels themselves! Nevertheless, it`s important to note each label with the same note as in your inventory sheet or a moving checklist. Next are few examples and advises with the organization of the labels:

"Fragile", "Handle with care" or "Always on top" are three of the most commonly used labels, which are applied to some of the biggest removal boxes. From boxes with mirrors, porcelain, paintings, windows and other glass objects, to enormous and expensive electronic objects like the TV screen - it would be quite easier to orientate about what's in the box by reading the label on its box.

Second, use labels like "Bathroom", "Bedroom #1", "Bedroom #2", etc., which is another yet useful way to organize the removal boxes. Your helpers and the professional moving crew will therefore know where exactly to unload the boxes so to facilitate the following steps like unwrapping and arranging the items in your new home. Labeling by rooms is a common way to organize the moving checklist, especially when moving house with the entire family and the objects from every different room. Or else, when you arrange the rooms in the new house exactly like these in the old one.

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Think and decide in advance which labels you're about to use, but make them in the last moment when all the items and objects are inside the box. The small changes are always present and important, and it would be easier to rewrite or change something when the label is not on the box.

Arrange the checklist by the name of the labels, for example, make a different column with the objects that are included only in a box with that same label like from the name of the column in the checklist. This is a perfect choice when you moving house with only a few or as much as a dozen boxes, but big, heavy and with numerous items in each box.

Make a couple of special removal boxes for special items like jewelries and other precious things, as well as another small box with another type of special items like sandwiches and water for the long trip or the keys, the phone contacts, a map of the new city or place, etc. It means another few special labels like "Special Items", but they are truly important when you plan a relocation by hiring a removal van only and doing everything else by yourself.

Writen by Ella Andrews for All Removals London