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Room-By-Room Packing: The Kitchen


Room-By-Room Packing: The Kitchen When you decide to move from your house there are so many things you have to do. One of them is organizing your stuff room by room. One of the most time taking things is moving your kitchen stuff. The first thing you should do is decide what should stay and what should go.

Things you have to get rid of:

There are so many things that are unnecessary in our kitchens and if you are like me – you never notice them until they start to take more place than any other more important item. Many people buy things which they think they’ll use but at the end this things stay in some dark closet which maybe leads to Narnia and we never see them again until we have to move. Such things are some cheap cups and dishes we decided to buy for some party that never happened anyways, some prepackaged food items, dried soups and sauces and many many other not so healthy foods. If you move to a place far from yours you have to get rid of the frozen food too.

Things you have to keep:

When you’re ready with the junk tossing you’re left with so many things that you don’t know what to do and how to pack. So many trays, pans and pots will have to travel to the new place that you already regret buying them from the first place. This is where your problems start, but don’t worry these are some things that will help and guide you in organizing your kitchen stuff.

  • Find some large boxes – they will be at a use to you for packing dish racks, baking tins and this muffin tray that you never used.
  • Medium boxes – in them you can put your cookbooks, some pantry items, silverware and your favorite pots and pans
  • Heavy duty boxes – they will help you pack in them every fragile items such as dishes, glasses, cups and any specific fragile things in your kitchen.
  • Bubble wrap – you will need this magical thing not only for your kitchen appliances so just purchase it.

Moving major appliances:

If you’re not buying new appliances such as fridge, stove and a dishwasher you have to move them with you. This is not an easy thing to do by yourself so if you’re hiring a moving company for an extra moving fee they will help you, but if you want to do it alone you have to do some preparation firstly.

  • Unplug the fridge – and open its door to defrost. When all the water has been wiped out by you, start cleaning it so not to produce any mildew and odors. The moment you are ready with this, remove all racks or secure them so they won’t shift during the move.
  • Empty the dishwasher – Make sure all the dishes are gone in their boxes because you will have lots of broken porcelain or glass in your dishwasher when you open it again in your new place.
  • Prepare and clean the stove – Clean it thoroughly inside and out before you take it with you. Make sure all the racks are secured or removed.
  • Take care of the cords – Secure them with some packing tape, not to dangle or come loose.
  • Buy tape – if you don’t have. You will need it as much as you will need the bubble wrap.
Room-By-Room Packing: The Kitchen

Prepare the essentials box:

This will be the box that contains everything you will need to use for the first time in your new kitchen. While you’re packing the other things you can organize in your mind what will contain your essentials box. When you already packed all the dishes, bottles and the food that will not be spoiled through the move, you must have left with:

  • some pasta or any other easy food item for dinner or lunch
  • dishes and glasses for each member of the family
  • all purpose cutting knife
  • some other knife or scissors to open the rest of your boxes
  • dishtowel, dish soap, dishcloth
  • small emergency kit
  • flashlight, candle and matches

Now that you’re ready with everything take your essentials box with you, leave all the other boxes to the moving company and say hello to your new place.

Writen by Ella Andrews for All Removals London

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