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A digital revolution is underway. A global network of creative, interior design bloggers has emerged, publishing fresh and inspiring content online every day. With diverse backgrounds and lifestyles, these individual bloggers combine to create a thriving online community of trend-setters and style gurus. The digital world brings with it design democracy; with the freedom to publish whatever they want, these bloggers offer a beguiling alternative to traditional media and have become an important source of inspiration for the homes enthusiast. In her first book, interiors journalist and stylist Ellie Tennant meets the characters and creative forces behind leading design blogs, exploring their online realms, their beautiful homes and their clever styling ideas. Twelve in-depth case studies cover a panorama of cutting-edge bloggers' spaces - from a pared-back monochrome cabin in Scandinavia to a maximalist, colour-filled apartment in California - while the final chapter offers advice on setting up your own blog. The result is a visual feast of inspiring yet achievable interiors, with plenty of ideas to use in your own home.

You can buy Design Bloggers at Home: Fresh interiors inspiration from leading on-line trend setters on Amazon

Writen by Ellie Tennant for Amazon

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