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8 Terrific Tips to Follow When Moving Furniture


8 Terrific Tips to Follow When Moving Furniture Moving furniture can be a stressful job, sometimes worse than moving house even, since you have to be careful with the carrying, but it doesn't have to be. Even if you are not using removal services, when you're prepared for the move, it will go more smoothly. There are many ways to prepare yourself for such a relocation and the issues that you may end up dealing with, and you should read them so that you are ready to face any challenge that lies ahead. Here are 8 tips on how to move furniture easily and quickly.

1. Carry tall items at an angle. Tilt the item at an angle that matches any stairs you may climb, with one person holding onto the top of the item and one person holding onto the bottom of it, so the weight is distributed more evenly. Always be wary of what weight everybody could carry.

2. Flip a couch on its end to get through doorways, rather than carrying it horizontally. The couch will fit through the door more easily this way. If possible, it might also be a good idea to disassemble it for even more safety.

3. Use furniture straps to distribute the weight of the item more evenly. This makes the item seem a bit lighter and easier to carry. This will also keep the piece of furniture in place and you will be able to move it easier and in a professional way with the dolly, if you are using one.

8 Terrific Tips to Follow When Moving Furniture

4. If you have to drag a piece of furniture across the floor, place a piece of thick fabric underneath it. This will allow it to slide more easily across the floor.

5. Wrap furniture in moving blankets if you're moving it a great distance. Moving blankets help with furniture removals by protecting the furniture from damage. Bumpy roads can be quite damaging, but this will absorb much of the overall damage that could be sustained.

6. Tell the movers beforehand exactly where you want the furniture item to be placed in the new room. When you do this, you ensure that you won't have to move the furniture piece again.

7. Again, disassemble as much as you can. If your furniture pieces can come apart at all, it's easier to move the pieces separately. You will save yourself a lot of headaches with this.

8. Remove everything from furniture pieces like dressers, bookcases and hutches. This makes the furniture lighter and ensures the items within don't fall out during the move.

When you follow these 8 simple tips, you don't have to stress over a move. With a little preparation and some smart thinking, furniture moving can be a breeze.

Writen by Ella Andrews for All Removals London

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